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Take your places

There are two halls in Café Le Chocolat.

The red hall is rather small and cozy. Here you can smoke, move the tables (there are 12 of them, for two people each), wink at the barman and mesmerize the dessert cabinet.

The green hall is perfect for family lunches and dinners. It is fancy and includes 9 tables (two small ones, for two people each, and seven tables - for up to six people). It's a non-smoking area.

A sweet trial

An extremely dangerous machine revolves at the heart of the red room. It does stimulate salivation: the more you look at it, the harder is to swallow.

A takeaway service

Some of our dishes including coffee and juice can be taken away. The most grateful connoisseurs of this service are those who find no seats in the café, are hurrying to catch the train, or just prefer their hot cappuccino on the move.

Civilized parking

Three cars can easily fit at our parking place. The rest of the courteous drivers should carefully line up their cars at the curbs and if there isn't enough space come a bit later: a short drive around the area is usually enough.

NB: Our neighbors pleadingly ask not to park in the yard of the building.


Only prudent and lucky people can get into Café Le Chocolat on Friday or Saturday nights. Many guests from St. Petersburg and Moscow are so nimble that reserve a table still being at home.

+7 (8162) 73-90-09 — one timely call and you'll definitely be seated!